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Internet Marketing and Promotion on the Cheap

Marketing and promotion are vital for online success. Whether you’ve built an online store, have an online services website or dabble in affiliate marketing you need to continually promote your site in order to steadily increase traffic and income.

This article discusses the various ways to do this without spending a fortune on pay per click campaigns and expensive advertising. Spending a bit of time and effort can go a long way in helping you improve your organic search engine results, get more traffic and make more sales. You can do it for free or for really cheap.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important for any business. Whether you’re a blogger or an internet marketer or running an online store you need to optimize your site so that people and search engines will find you. The good news is that many cheap and free marketing methods not only bring people to your site but bring search engines as well which bring more people. SEO gone viral is key and many of the below methods will do that for you.

Do something to promote your site every day if you can. Even a few minutes spent on social marketing and bookmarking can pay big dividends.

Free Web Traffic Analysis

Free tools like Google Analytics can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from so you can continue to drive traffic up. Using free traffic tools are definitely helpful and there are many tools available. Consider also setting up Google Alerts so you’re notified every time your website gets indexed. This can help you see how your efforts are doing.

Most web hosts offer you free analysis tools as well so check them on a regular basis for building on the success you already have.


Continuously put content on your website. Every time you update your site the search engines will crawl your pages and further index you for your targeted keywords. Even once you hit your target goal of getting traffic, making money and top results in the search engines you’ll need to continue to update your site. Static sites will eventually disappear off the first page of Google and Yahoo results.

Pick a handful of key phrases (there are loads of free online tools to help you find keywords) and write an article for each keyword. Optimize your content with those keywords.

Get the keyword in the title, in the first paragraph and in the last paragraph. Go for long tail keywords and sprinkle related or synonym key phrases into your content as well. A great tip is to add a blog to your website. Every blog post can bring people and search engines to you. Visit other blogs and link back to your own blog (without spamming) as this can help you increase your own blog’s readership as well as improve search engine optimization.

Article Marketing

Take some of those articles you’re planning to put on your site or your blog and rewrite them with new titles and different wording and add them to the article directories like This can bring you search engine and human traffic and the great thing here is that article directories allow free reprints if people keep your resource box in tact.

Your article’s resource box should contain anchored keywords that will increase your search engine optimization efforts but the real benefit of an article with a well written resource box are the reprints it will get from other webmasters, meaning your article will be read by ten times as many people while also bringing many more links to your site.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the perfect way to get more traffic. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz and others are free channels for getting free traffic. These results bring in both search engine traffic and human traffic.

If you’re blogging, use services that update URLS every time you post a new entry. Many services are available such as like MyBlogLog, Blog Catalog, FriendFeed and others. You can also bring in traffic when you write a new blog post, Squidoo Lens or Hub Page by microblogging on sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk.

Speaking of Lenses and Hubs, consider spinning your article again by putting it on one of these sites with links to your main site and affiliate links as well. These sites are free and can be monetized with Google AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon and contextual link advertising.

Community Forums

Community forums are another ideal platform for marketing on the cheap. Many offer free or low cost advertising in their market place but what’s more is you can add your URL to your forum signature line which equates to a free link pointing to your website for every forum post you make. If you’re a prolific poster this can translate to great SEO results for you.

Free Classified Sites

Lastly, don’t forget the free classified site. These can be a great place to market your product. Some of them offer not only free but low cost paid advertising as well for home page placement.

So there you have it, site promotion doesn’t have to be expensive but it does require updating your site regularly and using free strategies like those mentioned above. It’s sound advice for bringing you more visitors and better organic search engine results …and that translates to success for you.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Home Based Business

Recession or Depression, regardless of what you want to call it, everyone is going to be affected by the economic situation that we are in, if you have not already.Today they jobless claims dropped instead of rose and some are saying that the recession is over and we are going to be on the upswing. Regardless, it will take many years before I think the effects of what has been happening here in this country are realized. And I feel that the next few years will actually wind up being harder than this past year.There is no doubt in my mind that our taxes are going to be increased, regardless what the current administration says. The question I had was how can I limit or minimize the impact of those tax increases when they do come. And they will. It may not be how we think, but the government has to pay for the bailouts some how.I have known for years that having a business based out of my home has saved me thousands on my taxes. And this was while I was still working as an employee. When you realize that there are ways to work within the IRS guidelines to reduce your tax liability, you will wonder why you didn’t start a home based business sooner!If you are running a legitimate business out of your home, but still bringing in a regular paycheck from a job, the deductions that you are allowed to take, can be transferred immediately to your paycheck, thereby giving you an instant pay raise.So starting a home based business will allow you to take more deductions. More deductions means that there is less taken out of your paycheck each week. Having a home based business is just like having additional children. The key is keeping accurate records, understanding the basics of the tax laws in regards to being in business, and filing the proper forms when the time comes to file your taxes.Don’t assume that your current CPA will know how to treat home based business deductions. I have found that a lot of CPA’s lack the knowledge that is needed in the home based arena to be adequate in understanding what is required from someone who works from home, versus someone who works at a corporation.Do your research, become educated. You don’t have to become a CPA to know how to run a business. You just have to know what to do regarding your type of business and how the IRS relates to it. When you see the amount of money you can save by doing your due diligence, you will be glad that you got educated.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye in a Home Based Business

A home based business is a big challenge which requires your full attention and devotion. Any distraction can upset all your business plans and goals. It is important for you to learn the ways to overcome these hurdles in order to succeed with your home business. In this article I will elaborate on few techniques that will help you overcome any diversions in your business opportunity.Your home can be a threat to your opportunity:It may sound paradoxical but it is true. If you base your business office close to kitchen, children’s room or drawing room you are bound to get distracted. The clutter of crockery from kitchen, television’s noise from children’s room and loud talk of guests from drawing room are sure to distract your attention from work.So what can you do? Locate your home office away from these places within your home of course.Your home business is a ‘real’ business:You’ll need to learn and make others understand that your home business is a real business. Just because you are running your opportunity from home does not make you less serious. Let no one take advantage of either you or your home based business.You need to tell your friends and relatives not to loiter around the home office area. Do not allow your home business office to become a place for family members, relatives and friends to idle away their time.Keep home life and business separate:Do not mix your family time with your home business. You’ll need to discipline yourself on this front. Sensitize your family members also on this issue. You should not be running petty errands every now and then simply because you are available at home.Business before pleasure:The advantage of any home based business is the freedom it provides to you. You are able to schedule your working hours as per your convenience. However, don’t allow this advantage to harm your opportunity in any way. You need to chalk out a clear cut schedule for business hours and adhere to it strictly.Internet – a boon or bust:The internet is really very helpful in promoting your opportunity. It helps you to connect with the people associated with your work and run your business smoothly.There is nobody supervising you at your home office. And herein lies the big distraction – there is a possibility that you are spending more time surfing the Internet for something that is not related to your business. Unless required for your opportunity, close the Internet and pay attention to your home business.Find time for distractions too:It is not possible to do away with the distractions from your opportunity. Instead schedule your time for watching TV, playing with your kids, listening to music, surfing the Internet for recreation purpose but all this should be regulated and balanced. After all you need to hit the bull’s eye in your home based business.